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There are three ways to engage with Alston Bid - 1. Create an account; 2. Register to Bid; 3. Receive email notifications of upcoming auctions...

1. Create an Account: Go to  "Login/New Bidder" by clicking here  - you'll find Login/New Bidder at top right of page.

Step 1. will ask you for your email; Step 2., complete your account information with name, address, and phone,  set your user name and password, and select some account options such as hide user name. 

2. Register to Bid: Once you have created an account, you can then register to bid at Alston Bid with your contact and credit card information. If you try to bid, without registering, you will be prompted to register. 

3. Receive Auction Email Notifications: Remember to sign up for our future emails notifying you of all upcoming auctions, here


Sign up with your name, address, email, and phone contact information so that we can contact you if you are a winning bidder. You will also obtain a username and password.  Bidders are required to provide a valid credit card as all items are purchased via this means of payment. Registration information provided must be current, complete and accurate. Your credit card information is protected via SSL. Please read about how SSL works in our Privacy Policy here

You must be 18 years of age or older, have read and agreed to the Terms and Conditions and understand that the terms are binding. 

How It Works:

When you view the tab "Current Auctions" you will be taken to the list of all auctions either current or upcoming in Auction List View. Click to enter a specific auction and view all items in the catalogue. Note auction start/end, preview and pick up times. If the auction is active, a green box with flag will show up in the top/right corner of the page.

Once bidding starts, you can enter your bid on the right in the "Bid" box. You'll note a dollar figure in the Bid box which indicates the next bid required to win the bid. You can bid on any and all items and track your bids by clicking "View Bid History" after logging in. You may check the status of your bid at any time.

Bid Increments:

Bidding for all items starts at $2.50. Bid increments will be as follows:

A bid increment of $1 will be automatically calculated, up to a $25 bid amount on any single item A bid increment of $5 will go into effect, from $25 to $100 A bid increment of $10 will go into effect from $100 to $500 A bid increment of $25 will go into effect from $500 to $1000 A bid increment of $50 will go into effect from $1000 to $2500 A bid increment of $100 will go into effect from $2500 to $5000 A bid increment of $250 will go into effect when the bid amount on any single item has exceeded $5000 

Maximum Bid:

Strategically, many Bidders place a maximum bid. This strategy tells the software to automatically increase your bid by the next-in-line bid $ increment until your maximum is reached. You can increase your maximum bid at any time. Placing a maximum bid is a placeholder of the maximum amount you intend to bid on an individual lot number in the event you are not available to be online present for the auction close. You will only pay the amount reached by other bidders, plus one $ increment.

Example: You place a maximum bid of $50 on Lot 20. Bidder X has just bid $30 on Lot 20. Your maximum will automatically accelerate the bid so that you are the winning bidder. If Bidder X does not proceed, your bid win for Lot 20 will be $31 (the next increment), plus applicable buyers premium, taxes. 

Note: if two Bidders place an identical maximum bid on one lot, the first to place the maximum bid will be in first position for that maximum bid.

Staggered and Soft Close:

Auctions are scheduled to a staggered close - every 30 seconds -  to give bidders a chance to do last minute bidding on multiple items of interest. And, to ensure a fair auction and prevent 'sniping', bids entered in the final minute of the auction will add an additional 2 minutes to that item's close time, until all bidding has ceased. This is known as a 'Soft Close'.

Refresh Button:

NOTE: It is good practice and highly recommended that bidders use the "Refresh" button in the final moments of the auction.

Changes to Bid

Be sure your bid is as intended as once a bid is placed, it cannot be changed or cancelled. All sales are final with no exceptions. If you are the winning Bidder, you are obligated to pay for the items that you have won at the price bid by you. Al goods are sold on an "as is, where is" basis. 

Win Notification

You will be notified of your winning bid by email within 24 hours of the auction close. At that time you will receive complete instructions as to payment and items pick up.

Buyer's Premium/HST

Please note a Buyer's Premium of 10% is added to the price of each item purchased, as well as HST of 13%.  Please keep this in mind when bidding so that there are no surprises or regrets.

Pick up:

Winning Bidders will have a window in which to pick up purchased auction items. Please bring all assistance, tools and packing materials to remove items purchased. Please note designated address and time for pick up. Items left after the pick up window close will be disseminated appropriately and winning bidders will be charged on their credit cards for any expenses incurred for same.